Next Stops

Next up?  We are going to escape the summer heat of the Southeast and venture to the Pacific Northwest to explore Seattle and Vancouver! Any tips?

Shortly after we will venture up to the nation’s capital, also my former home, with some stops on the drive up.

Later in the Summer we will be beaching it in Destin for a couple of weeks.

Fall will bring a trip to Ireland, possibly another trip back to Canada, and exploring NYC at Christmastime!

2 thoughts on “Next Stops

  1. Robin

    New York in December is my favorite. Macy’s Santa Land, Toys R Us, the tree, ice skating in Central Park, the lights display at Saks, St. Patrick’s Cathedral….

    I could go on all day. I miss it so much (Grew up in NJ). Enjoy and please write a lot so I can live through your posts!


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