Things To Help Prepare Your Kids For Travel

When we get ready for our trips we spend months planning; buying tickets, making reservations, booking cars, choosing our activities. For our kids they just go on their daily lives with little idea of a trip that is 2 months away and what that means in terms of time, or really what we will be doing. Luckily, for our kids, they have traveled enough and we spend enough time talking about other cities and countries that we can tell them what we are going to do and they get excited about it. But we also have a few ideas of ways to help get your kids ready while teaching them about the idea of traveling!

1) Little Passports: This monthly subscription package offers 2 choices, either US travel or World travel. Kids will receive monthly packages (in a suitcase shaped box!) filled with letters, maps, stickers and souvenirs specific to the country/state, as well as access to online games and activities. The World edition is recommended for kids 5 to 12 and the US edition is recommended for kids 7 to 12. Available in 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions, or month to month.

2) Smart Fish: Frequent Flyer App: This iphone/ipod/ipad app ($2.99) teaches and encourages your child about airplane travel! Starting with packing a suitcase, going through security, boarding the plane, sending postcards, this app shows kids that airplane travel is easy and exciting, and is fun to play!

3) Books, books, books: There are so many good books out there that have to do with traveling, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. These are some of our favorites, for all ages:

Busy Airport

A Day At The Airport


Airport Magnet Book

Airplane Flight

Amazing Airplanes

Lonely Planet Not For Parents Travel Book

Sticker Dolly Dressing Around The World

Around The World Sticker Book

Airport First Colouring Book

Going On A Plane Sticker Book

Any book by Miroslav Sasek

4) Toot and Puddle: This show follows the adventures of two pigs who travel throughout the World teaching good lessons. It may not be on the air but you can play games or watch videos online.

There are many good books, games and shows to help teach your children about traveling. What have you found that works well?

This post is part of Travel Tip Tuesday at Walking On Travels, head over and check out other great tips!

7 thoughts on “Things To Help Prepare Your Kids For Travel

  1. Ann

    So timely. We are getting ready to plan a trip to Paris for the summer and I’m getting ready to buy some books for them. Some of the books you listed are on my “to buy” list.

    We’re still not set on if we’re flying or driving there, but I definitely want to keep the app in mind for the next time we do fly.

    Love the new look and your header is pretty awesome!

  2. Jessica

    I highly recommend the book The Noisy Airplane. It goes through everything you might hear on the plane in a simple, rhyming book. It covers everything from the sound of the engines to the landing gear with everything in between (even the sound of the toilet).

  3. toddlersontour

    For Christmas my son received a toy airport. He loves having the little people check in, have the bags loaded, going through security and the air traffic control clearing the plane for take off.

    It really helps cement what goes on at the airport.

  4. Emily O

    We try and wait until the week of a trip to tell the kids, otherwise we will here “Are we going TODAY?” Forever ;)


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