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Seattle Day Two: Quack Quack

If there is one thing we always try to do in a new city it is a tour, which is ironic because we aren’t actually tour people. But a hop on hop off bus tour always gives us an easy overview of a city without having to figure it out on our own (even though my husband is the research king) and generally for a fairly low price vs the value of what we get.

So we decided to step it up and go full tourist on our second day in Seattle, and give the kids a tour they would actually enjoy, so naturally we did the Seattle Duck Tour, full of the cheesiest of the cheesy tour guides you could possibly imagine, but since the bus turns into a boat, and actually goes on the water, well, we had to do it. And of course we couldn’t say no to the quackers, also known as the most irritating whistle you will ever give your children, along with permission to use it at will. Trust me.

About 2 minutes into the tour, which was cold and windy, L fell asleep. This left F to hold down the ship with sharp observations about the people we drove past and the things we saw. His highlight was definitely the water part of the tour, where he happily quacked away at any and everything he saw. We rode past Gas Works Park, and knew we would be back to check it out the next day, and at the end of our tour F turned to us and said “Huh. I didn’t know this would be so boring!” I’m pretty sure this was not given a seal of approval by our 5 year old, but we enjoyed it!

Waiting for the duck to take off

Waiting for the duck to take offQuacker!Quacker!Gas Works ParkGas Works ParkWatching a sea plane take off with Seattle in the backgroundWatching a sea plane take off with Seattle in the background

Embarrassingly after we got back it was time for lunch, and we figured we may as well try out the Seattle Center Armory again for lunch, since it was a hit the day before, and we all ate some awesome pizza at MOD Pizza. Since we all have very different tastes in our pizza choices the individual sizes were perfect.

With L fully refreshed after her duck tour nap we opted to stay where we are and we headed over to the Pacific Science Center, which, in a word, was awesome. From the dinosaurs when we first came in to the toddler area to the hands on area where F stood and touched sea creatures for a long time, to the butterflies, it was well worth the cost to visit and the amount of time we spent there.

Pacific Science Center

Pacific Science CenterDinosaurs greet you when you enter. Dinosaurs greet you when you enter.

The toddler area was a great match for our 2 year old, L.
The toddler area was a great match for our 2 year old, L.If it is a sea creature and you can touch it our 5 year old, F, is there!If it is a sea creature and you can touch it our 5 year old, F, is there!

We checked out some other exhibits, and finally had to drag our kids away, with promises of ice cream, which always work with our two. After we paid our exboritent parking fees we headed to the Queen Anne neighborhood of the city to check out Kerry Park, an overlook which I am sure everyone is familiar with. Like all photo opportunities with a 5 and 2 year old the pictures were hit or miss, but we did walk slightly down the hill to a playground which they enjoyed more than the scenic vista. Imagine that!

Seattle from Kerry Park

Seattle from Kerry ParkF and L in Kerry ParkF and L in Kerry Park

Highlights of the Day:


-Seattle Center Armory/MOD Pizza (lunch)

-Poquitos (dinner)

-Molly Moon Ice Cream (dessert – yum!)


-Seattle Duck Tour

-Pacific Science Center

-Kerry Park


We drove down and parked by the Space Needle. It wasn’t cheap, but we had a stroller and it worked best for doing the duck tour and staying for the Pacific Science Center, and then driving to Kerry Park.

Helpful Tips:

The duck tour was cold, likely because we did the first one of the morning and it was overcast. They provide blankets but be aware it can be windy and cold, so dress appropriately (again, layering is great!)

You can bring food to the Pacific Science Center, and eat at any of the many picnic tables outside.

The playground at Kerry Park is fun, but not huge, and it is a steep walk back up if you park on the top by the scenic overlook.

Molly Moon ice cream is delicious. Enough said.