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Seattle: An Ideal Family Destination

After theĀ tumultuous beginning to our trip I knew we could really only go up from where we started, and even if we couldn’t I made the decision to tell myself we would so we were starting the trip off on the right foot.

When we first started planning we knew we didn’t want to stay in a hotel; setting aside the fact that if we all had to share a room we would be going to be around 7 every night it just wouldn’t allow us enough space to be comfortable and to have space to have breakfast every day without going out. We booked a 2 bedroom apartment in the Capital Hill area which, will not the most central, was still central enough to walk in and see the major tourist areas of Seattle.

We decided to tackle some of the bigger attractions on Sunday, and with the weather sunny and cool, a nice respite from the recent Atlanta heat, we packed up and walked into Seattle.

In the planning stages of this trip we had very little information to go on, as I had been the only one to have visited Seattle at all, and never Seattle with kids. We had a general idea of where we wanted to go and what we wanted to see, and we ended up going above and beyond over our week long visit to both Seattle and Vancouver.

Our first stop was Pike Place Market, or as our 5 year old, F, calls it, the fish throwing market. It was, understandably, crowded, but bearable. I think the crowds intimidated both of our kids so they never strayed far from our sides. The flowers were spectacular (and only $10 for a huge bouquet!), and while kids may want to rush over to see the flying fish you should take a moment to stop and literally smell the flowers. If we lived in Seattle we would be there every week buying new arrangements! We headed over to the main attraction, the Pike Place Fish Market, and watched the fish sail through the air. It was definitely a highlight for both F and our 2 year old, L.

Ready for Pike Place Market

Ready for Pike Place MarketThe flowers are stunningThe flowers are stunningChecking out the fish (he didn't realize this wasn't real!)Checking out the fish (he didn’t realize this wasn’t real!)

Once our bodies realized it was lunchtime we headed up to the Seattle monorail and rode it over to the Seattle Center, where we checked out the Space Needle from below, and went in search of food. We ended up eating at the Seattle Center Armory, which is similar to a food court but with local, fresh food options. It had great choices, and we didn’t feel guilty about eating there – plus we were allowed to order beer, which is always a bonus! This is also where the Children’s Museum is located, although we decided to skip it since it was such a beautiful day.

It was quickly determined that it was nap time for L, so we decided to take a taxi back to our apartment. We were told by a taxi driver that Washington required car seats in taxi cabs, which is not the case in most states. I am still not sure if he was correct, but at that point it didn’t matter and we just had to figure out how to get back to the apartment without walking, and so after some quick research and finding One Bus Away we hopped on a bus and it took us straight back to the apartment, give or take a few blocks. It’s a great app, especially for people unfamiliar with the city and its bus routes.

The Space Needle

The Space Needle

After naps we decided to check out a park that was recommended by An Emerald City Life (a Seattle mom) and we headed out to Ella Bailey Park, with a fun playground and great views of Seattle. We tried to snap a few pictures but our kids were more excited to play than to be photographed so we let them run off and play, good for both getting rid of energy and helping with jet lag!

Posing in Ella Bailey Park

Posing in Ella Bailey ParkChecking out the view from Ella Bailey ParkChecking out the view from Ella Bailey Park

Highlights of the Day:


- Seattle Center Armory (lunch)

- Skillet Diner (dinner)


- Pike Place Market

- Seattle Monorail

- Ella Bailey Park


- Walking

- Seattle Metro Transit (Bus)

Helpful Tips:

Parking is hard to come by – we paid extra for a space behind our apartment and it still wasn’t guaranteed! We did street park for dinner, and when we went out to Ella Bailey Park it was outside the city enough that parking wasn’t an issue. Be prepared to walk or take public transport, or pay a premium for parking. We found the downtown area very walkable.

We tried to do a Seattle Duck tour and they were very busy, so we opted to come back the next day. If you decide to do it on a weekend book in advance!

Layer, layer, layer! It was cool in the morning, but warmed up nicely by the afternoon!