Seattle With Kids Day 3…Bainbridge Island & Volunteer Park

Hey there! Remember that trip we made to Seattle weeks ago? The one I am just now jumping back into the blogging world to start writing about again? Yeah, that one. So, here we are. It turns out when you go from one trip to another that includes 22 hours of driving you have little energy left to expend on writing about the trips. But, I will do my best.

We woke up on our last day in Seattle before we were driving up to Vancouver and decided to head out to Bainbridge Island. This trip was going to satisfy a few wants of everyone in our family; we would be able to ride a ferry, looking for whales (we knew we wouldn’t see any but F, at 5, didn’t know so it was exciting for him to be on the lookout for them), and we got to explore a different part of Seattle that was very different than the Seattle we had been experiencing.

Getting to the ferry was easy, even though we paid a premium for parking around the corner. We purchased our tickets where we waited to board the ferry (both F, 5, and L, 2, were free), and we were each $7.70, with the return portion free. The total time was around 35 minutes, and while we didn’t see any whales we did some gorgeous scenery that we all enjoyed.

View on ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island

View on ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge IslandWatching the water as we ferried to BainbridgeWatching the water as we ferried to BainbridgeFYI - this is not looked upon in a positive light!FYI – this is not looked upon in a positive light!Coming up on BainbridgeComing up on BainbridgeWelcome to Bainbridge!Welcome to Bainbridge!The marina at Bainbridge IslandThe marina at Bainbridge IslandHanging out by the marinaHanging out by the marina

Once we got there we walked the short walk into ‘town’ and set out to see what there was to do there. Unfortunately for us, not much. There is a children’s museum, but we opted not to visit it due to time. Instead we sat and had a snack – which, for our kids, was as exciting as it gets since it involved chocolate – and talked to some friendly locals who seemed fascinated that we had come from Atlanta just for vacation. One of them kindly pointed us in the right direction for a family friendly lunch, and after a second stop for a drink we had some lunch at Doc’s Marina Grill, which was both easy and good for kids.

And then? It went downhill. On our walk back to the ferry L was crying, and made herself sick. We thought it was from the tears, but the fever came on after and so we knew we were on track for another rough day or two with fever. To the kind people of Bainbridge who watched her get sick on the sidewalk, I apologize with all my heart. It sucked worse for us than you, I can assure you.

We rushed to the ferry, hopped on, and headed back to Seattle. Later that day, after some naps and quiet time, we were due to meet some friends for dinner and had some time to kill, so we stopped at Volunteer Park, located in Capitol Hill, where we were staying. It is home to the Seattle Asian Art Museum as well as the Volunteer Park Water Tower, a wading pool and some fish ponds. It had some beautiful flowers, and would have been lovely to walk around more in. Unfortunately for us L was still feeling under the weather and we had dinner plans, but we did get some time in with the fish.

Not happy in Volunteer Park

Not happy in Volunteer ParkOne of the fish pondsOne of the fish pondsThe fish were huge!The fish were huge!

A few blocks away we met some friends at Vios Cafe, a Greek restaurant that not only claims to be family friendly but truly is, with a play area that kids can play in while you wait for your food, or, in our case, visit with friends. It is such a great way to be able to eat and keep your kids occupied at the same time.

We tried to end our night with Molly Moon, but it is no joke that this is one of the most popular ice cream places in Seattle!

Highlights of the day:


- Docs Marina Grill

- Vios Cafe


- Bainbridge Island

- Volunteer Park


Today was strictly a driving and ferry kind of day, with the exception of some walking on Bainbridge. If you planned on just seeing the main street area/marina area of Bainbridge you wouldn’t need a car, but if you wanted to explore further you would need to drive, bringing your car on the ferry.

Helpful Tips:

Sometimes I feel like I am constantly weighed down by the amount of stuff I carry with me on a daily basis, but I was really happy that I had thrown in a change of clothes for L, as well as a plastic bag and plenty of wipes, because we had to use all of them when she got sick. Sometimes making sure you have an extra change for all kids involved is worth the extra weight of carrying them with you! And a ziploc bag is a God send when you have to throw soiled clothes in your bag until you get back to your hotel/apartment/house!



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