Scenes From A Beach

It’s photo Friday time, and in honor of leaving on our 2 week beach excursion to Destin to celebrate the end of Summer I found pictures from our beach trips from years past. We go several times a year, always to Destin, and always to Whitley Bay, in the UK, and we have added in some other places along the way. Warm, cold, we don’t mind!

Deception Pass State Park

Deception Pass State ParkDestinDestinDestinDestinWhitley BayWhitley BayDestinTampaGrayton BeachGrayton BeachWhitley bayWhitley bayWhitley bayWhitley bayDestinDestinBeadnellBeadnell, UKDestinDestinDeception Pass State ParkDeception Pass State ParkDestinDestinDestinDestin

What is your favorite place to go to the beach?

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3 thoughts on “Scenes From A Beach

  1. Jelena

    Croatia – hands down! Crete takes 2nd place.

    I do love a few beaches in NL too but to me beach = swim and 16C water does not appeal to me.


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