Moais and Crosses

Whether or not you celebrate Easter I would love to share two of my favorite vacations which have, whether literal or not, an association with Easter.

My dad, who is the one who taught me not only the value of travel but the importance of doing it with kids, no matter their age, took me on a trip of a lifetime 10 years ago, when we flew down to Chile and spent time in Santiago and the Atacama Desert and then across to Isla de Pascua, better known as Easter Island. It was well before the Explora Rapa Nui resort opened there, which was unfortunate for us since it looks amazing (and is a good reason to return!). We spent 4 days there, one of which was spent visiting the single hospital on the island but the rest of the time was spent exploring the amazing Moais and learning the rich history of this island that is one of the most remote inhabited islands in the world. Unfortunately this was before I owned a digital camera and while I have many printed photos I haven’t scanned any yet, but I do have this one I took. I would love to bring our kids there some day, to show them one of the unexplained wonders of the world.

photo (78)

Just some of the many magical Moais throughout Easter Island, photos by Passports and Pushchairs

When I was pregnant with our son 6 years ago my husband and I headed out on a second honeymoon to the Baltic, exploring the countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. As I didn’t know much, if anything really, about these countries I was surprised at how much I fell in love with them. But the highlight of our trip was one random afternoon in Lithuania, when we detoured to see the Hill of Crosses.

No one knows exactly when or why the first Crosses were left on this hill fort but it is believed to have been after an uprising in 1831. Since then thousands and thousands of crosses, crucifixes, statues of Virgin Mary and other effigies and rosaries have been left there.

You do not have to be religious to feel the spiritualism of this location. Everywhere you turn is another cross, and many have notes. It was an impactful afternoon, and I hope we can, one day, share it with our children.

baltic 297

Hill of Crosses, photo by Passports and Pushchairs

Hill of Crosses, photo by Passports and Pushchairs

Hill of Crosses, photo by Passports and Pushchairs

What are some amazing vacations you have taken, with or without children?

One thought on “Moais and Crosses

  1. Lizzie of Visa USA

    My husband and I decided to spend the Lenten season at the beach because my kids are very energetic and they love to run around. We visit his aunt’s private resort at their province. It is just 3 hours’ drive from the city to get there. We all did have a great time under the sun and we also tried fishing! We caught 3 small fishes and we ate them during our lunch. It was very fun experience to bond with kids and I am sure they will never forget it.


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