Instagram Thursday: Unfiltering The Cannonball

While we are beaching it up in Florida we are in the unique position to spend a lot of time in the pool. And a lot of time in the pool with three boys who love to swim and jump and splash means a lot of opportunity to get some pretty amazing pictures.

Unfortunately, along with the splashing comes water, and water isn’t very good for my ‘nice’ camera. So what can I do to take pictures that capture the essence of what this trip is all about (which has turned out to be swimming, swimming, jumping and more swimming)? Bring out my iphone, relatively safe in its clunky otterbox and snap away, post to instagram.

In other words? Unfiltered pictures of the cannonball. They may not be the highest quality, and I didn’t make them look pretty, but I did capture the joy, the fun, the memories, exactly as they were.

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11 thoughts on “Instagram Thursday: Unfiltering The Cannonball

  1. Ann

    Awesome! Good thinking taking a picture of this, I’d love to have a picture of me doing something similar when I was a kid – but, I didn’t really do cannonballs! :)

  2. Satu VW

    I LOVE these images and very uncharacteristic to Norway, outdoor swimming pool would be spot on here too at the moment. The heat wave just doesn’t seem to pass us….

  3. Farrah

    How fun are these shots?! And you know- I have an Otterbox too. They aren’t seen much over here and one time someone commented that it looked like something to keep the Taliban out lol! I said with three boys… that’s pretty close.


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