G is for Gas (Or..Petrol)

Hopping back on the A to Z bandwagon, even though I am several, okay more than several, letters behind. But, here we go!

G is for gas. Petrol for those of you who don’t live in the US. It may seem like an odd choice for G but for those of us who travel outside the US and rent cars in other countries it is, in fact, quite important.

See, one time I went on a trip with my parents. To Slovenia, Ljubljana to be exact. It was an amazing trip, I wasn’t gone for long, so it was a of travel for just a few days, but well worth it. I would say the entire country is still relatively untapped, although I hear more about it than ever before, so if you want to visit a country that is still charming to the core then I say get yourself there pronto.

After a few days there we were driving on to Venice for a night, on my birthday, and we happily hopped in a rental car and headed out. My dad, a very well versed traveler who should have known better, filled up the car with gas and off we went.

And here is my tip of the day – always, always check to see what you should be putting into your vehicle. Because when it is diesel and you put unleaded gasoline in nothing good comes from it. In fact the car stops pretty quickly. Which ours did.

We spent my birthday in a small town while we had the gasoline siphoned out of our car, eating lunch in a restaurant where the walls were covered in posters of naked women, and while we could have been frustrated it was one of those experiences where you look around you, in a small town in Slovenia, and count your blessings to even be able to travel. And so, on my birthday we did that.

We made it to Venice, and the rest of our trip was great, but nothing can top the story that is now part of our family legacy…and what we always think to check when we get a rental car before we put gas in it!

Check back tomorrow to see what else we will have on our A to Z Challenge!


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