Once upon a time a boy met a girl in a small town in Arizona and they fell in love. The boy vowed to travel the world, and take his bride with him. As the years went on they had kids, they moved to many different cities, and they showed their kids how awesome the world – and traveling – could be.

My parents have always been an inspiration in so many ways, but there is no doubt that the travel bug I have been so very bitten with started with them. It was no surprise to anyone when I met and fell in love with an Englishman, moved to London, and continued to travel. Our son had 2 passports before he was 8 weeks old; our daughter had 2 passports in her first few months as well.

Travel doesn’t have to cease because your family expands – and while it may take on a different style, with pushchairs* (strollers for all you non-UK readers!) instead of high heels and early dinners instead of nights at the discotheque – there is definitely no greater gift you can give your kids than to teach them about the world through travel.

Questions? Contact us at passportsandpushchairs dot gmail dot com!

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