A Crib In The Bathroom?

One of the most asked questions I get when we travel from friends is how we stay in a hotel with 2 kids. No one wants to go to bed when their kids do, and if your kids are anything like ours bedtime would come at the ridiculously early time of 7:30. Since this doesn’t make for a fun vacation we have come up with several options that work for us in different situations.

1) Our favorite thing to do is rent an apartment or house, which typically gives us 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and a living space. While we have always had good luck with  VRBO, there are many options, including HomeAwayVacationRentalsRentaloAirbnbRoomorama.

You can get as nice or as simple as you are willing to pay for. We have stayed in Jackson Hole right in the middle of Teton Village and in Phoenix we had a house with a private pool. Giving your kids the space to run and being able to get groceries and cook meals at home is a huge bonus as well.

2) If we do have to stay at hotel we look for hotels with suites, like Embassy Suites or Doubletree. There are many to choose from, and often breakfast is included. One thing to double-check is if there is an actual separation between the bedroom and the living area, so you can close the door and allow the kids to sleep in peace.

3) There are definitely situation where a single hotel room is the only option, and you have to make do with your options. We have mastered the art of placing the kids so while they don’t have their own space we can make it seem like they do. Have a walk in closet? Put the crib in it! Another place the crib usually fits is in the hallway by the door, where it is darker than the rest of the room. In a pinch the bathroom can even work, although that is always a little trickier. For older kids making a bed on the floor, and creating a fort around it is fun for them and means you may be able to keep the light on past 8.

What works best for your family when you are on the road? We love to hear what other families do!

4 thoughts on “A Crib In The Bathroom?

  1. Kate

    I remember we stayed in a hotel once with a nice sized bathroom and a huge shower. The crib fit in the shower perfectly, so we could even use the bathroom easily. And talk about dark – he slept till 9am!

  2. Allison

    We’re cosleepers, and only have one anyway. So far, its worked out in hotels. We try to make sure we have at least a queen sized bed in the hotel, that helps.
    We’ve always enjoyed staying in hotels or apartments that have their own kitchen, long before we had our little one. Going to the local grocery store and buying your own food saves money, cuts down on stress, and provides you with a wonderful local experience!

  3. sherean

    So I was just asking a well-traveled friend of mine how she works out the early bedtime/stuck in the hotel room situation. Thank you for the great tips! We are hoping to make our first trip overseas next summer. I hope we can find an apartment to rent. Next up: do you have jet lag tips? I don’t think my lil guy has fully adjusted to the spring forward time change yet.


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